“In kinship, we seek to obliterate the illusion that we are all separate, that there is an us and a them. We seek to bridge the gulf that exists between all of us until there is no longer a sliver of daylight that separates us.”

Father Greg Boyle – Homeboy Industries

The UCI Philanthropy Lab presents Project Kinship with a generous $10,000 grant.

In early May, students from the UCI Philanthropy Lab competing on behalf of local non-profits to award up to $10,000 in grant funding. Project Kinship was recognized with a $10,000 grant award to fund the Corner of Hope Afterschool Program.

In late June, students from the UCI Philanthropy Lab travelled to the national competition in Dallas to represent Project Kinship’s Collaborative Juvenile Court project. They were top ranked among Harvard, Stanford, and Northwestern to name a few. They brought home the top award of $25,000 to fund Project Kinship’s continued efforts of building a model youth re-entry program in Orange County.