cover2In 2014, and with funding from The California Endowment, Project Kinship led a countywide landscape analysis on re-entry services in Orange County.. The analysis engaged key community and systems stakeholders that serve the formerly incarcerated population to identify strengths, limitations and gaps in services that address community health, safety and restoration. Final findings of the Orange County Reentry Landscape Analysis provide three recommendations to improve the success of the formerly incarcerated population as they reenter society were shared.


  1. Train staff of agencies and systems to have a clear, defined, and consistent common language, message and shared objectives to promote reentry work.
  2. Encourage agencies to commit to mutual, collaborative relationships with developed and shared responsibilities and resources.
  3. Provide appropriate linkage, also known as a “warm hand off,” and follow through from services and government agencies to help prevent members of the reentry population from slipping through gaps in the system, thus decreasing the risk of recidivism.


In 2013, Orange County released 58,874 (OC Sheriff Department, 2014) individuals from county facilities. With the passing of Proposition 47, it further necessitates a need for a collaborative approach to holistically serving reentry populations in the community.