Developed through a partnership between Project Kinship and the USC School of Social Work, the CIW Certificate Program provides resources to educate community members and service providers who work in close proximity to disenfranchised populations that are facing challenges of re-entry, including gang members and the formerly incarcerated.


This 14-week program is offered to individuals who hold a deep commitment to decreasing violence in the community and bridging resources to disenfranchised populations including gang, the formerly incarcerated and their families. 

Among the topics addressed will be the following:

  • Understanding Root Causes of Gang Violence
  • The Role of Restorative Justice
  • Integrated Services and Re-entry Services
  • Faith-Based Services and Spirituality
  • Community Engagement
  • Mental Health: Trauma-Informed Outreach
  • Community Health and Healing
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Street Mediation and Rumor Control: “License to Operate”
  • Neighborhood Interfacing
  • Peace Agreement Maintenance
  • Mentoring and Peer Mentoring
  • Public Policy Development
  • Employment and Business Entrepreneurship
  • Bridging Healthy relationships with Institutions and Law Enforcement, Probation and
    Community Resources


Trainers for the CIW Certification Program come from a diverse group of organizations who bring local and nationally recognized expertise through teaching styles that include group activities through discussion and experiential learning opportunities.